Introduction of Smt. Asha Sinha

Asha Devi is a Member of Legislative Assembly of Bihar. She won Legislative Assembly general election 2005 as a candidate of Bhartiya Janata Party. She represents the Danapur Legislative Assembly constituency, Bihar.

In her life, Asha Sinha has always been the strongest proponent of politics. Over the years, she has lent her voice to a number of issues, but has always remained focused on propagating non-violence, equality and justice.

Voice of the oppressed, Weak, Downtrodden and Exploited, she’s truly a leader and a messiah for such weaker sections of the society in her jurisdiction. Our honorable member of ABVP, R.S.S, Smt. Asha Sinha, humbly known to us as ‘Asha Sinha’ and fondly referred to as Iron Lady, ‘Maa Ji’.

"An ordinary woman with an intense desire for selfless service turned into a leader under extra Ordinary Circumstances!"

On the auspicious day, 18 December 1989, she married ‘Sri Satyanarayan Sinha’,

Smt. Asha Sinha always has the vision to help downtrodden peoples by providing them with the basic services that every individual of the society is entitled to.

Smt. Asha Sinha has putted her best effort to bring such atrocities and injustice, meted out to the weaker sections of her locality, to the notice of Central Govt./State Govt./District Administration/Block Administration and raised the issues for their development. In her 18 years of political career, she worked and continued her fight against injustice and atrocities in-spite of being associated with various local representatives and administration. She is  a member of Bharatiya Janata Party  (BJP).

She always believes that women should be uplifted in a better & encouraging way. The Reason, Smt. Asha Sinha  supports and has a top priority for Women Empowerment in her district.

Smt. Asha Sinha has given dreams, hopes & promises of a better, much developed, crime free, corruption free & civilized state to the peoples of District & indeed it is going to be a game changer in the arena of Danapur (Patna) Politics.


Political Career

Smt. Asha Sinha Started The Political career in 2000

  • In 2001  – Jeela Parishad [ South East Bihta]

Poltical Career of Satynarayn Sinha

  • In 2002 loss the election  and won the BJP Candidate Ramanand Yadav
  • In 2002 Satynarayan Sinha jii won Ward Parishad (Khagoul) from     Ward no. 4

After Facing many problems and difficulties she again back and bounce her career of Politics

  •      In 2004 She Resign from Jila Parishad [ South east Bihta]
  • In November 2003 She Became district president of Patna Gramin
  • In February 2005 election, She won with 5000 vote from Ramanand Yadav
  • Again in November 2005 election, She won with huge margin of  12000 vote.
  • From 2000  To  2005 She won Jeela Parishad and bet Sachidanand Rai
  • From 2005 To 2010 MLA [Danapur Vidhan Sabha]
  • From 2010 To 2015 MLA  [Danapur Vidhan Sabha] she won with 18000 vote and bet Ramanand Yadav, Ritlal Yadav
  • From 2015 To Till Now MLA [ Danapur Vidhan Sabha] she won by    5500 votes and bet Rajkishore Yadav (RJD)

About Us

Date of Birth: 1 March 1967

Husband: Satyanarayan sinha

Marriage: 18 December 1989

  • Daughter
  1. Suman Sinha ( M.B.B.S)
  2. Subhdra Sinha (B.Ed, M.A (R. M & D)
  • Son
  1. Sahjanand Sinha (M.A History Hons.)
  2. Sujeet Kr. Sinha (Hons. Political Science)

Political Career of Satynarayan Sinha

Satyanarayan Sinha had become a person of interest in politics, and joined ABVP.He organized several rallies in his political career.He always takes a stand for poor and make a communication with them. He always against the caste politics.Never make any discrimination on the basis of caste or gender.

He contested and won from the ward parser in 2002 before that he lose an election of the MLA from Ramanand Yadav but still he always stand and do society welfare works.

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