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women empowernment


Today, we have inspiring role models in every field – from ISRO scientists to athletes. But we need to do so much more to end the bias that sets in right at birth and deprives women of their share in nutrition, healthcare, education, employment, resources and life-chances. The Janta Dal Party and She is determined to do everything she can to make this possible. Statistics about violence against women are often bandied about, but we need to work on the solutions, with urgency. We must care about women’s safety and security, and we must care about their freedom. They are citizens...

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The caste system is not just a historical shame that divided Indians and trapped our potential, they are still struggling to get out of its dark shadow. Caste is a denial of equal opportunity, and she has tried to widen possibilities for Dalits at every chance she gets. Dalits still face higher barriers at every level of education; they often lack the strong networks needed for entrepreneurship. Equality and social justice were the promises of Dr B. R. Ambedkar’s Constitution, but even today, the persistence of caste blights many lives. She raises her voice at many attempts to constrict Dalit...

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Due to the current state of the economy and political structure, farmer suicides have decreased in staggering rates, primarily due to control in indebtedness, satisfied prices for their crops, decreasing the cost of production, and Inclining agriculture credit. The Bhartiya Janta Party and she strongly believe in the importance of setting up state machinery that works to benefit farmers and their families. In order to help farmers grow, She always tries to create the right opportunities. that will benefit them in the most substantial manner. She believes that in every sector of our economy…

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